Mind the Gap

Towards the grounding of ”I”



Every time we alight the train, we are reminded of the gap between the train and the platform. However, on close examination, don’t we notice many gaps within and without in our life? Gap between our perception of ourselves and reality, Gap between our inner vision and world reality, between You and I, between your values and mine. The outcome of not recognizing these manifold gaps is two wars we have been witnessing with pain for recent years or suffering amid war now.
In our time, spiritual battles are taking place in our souls, so it is crucial that singly and collectively we find the ways to become more and more aware of these gaps which separate and shiver our connectedness. When we recognize these gaps with a grounded “I” , we can start exploring the path towards a more authentic and light-filled relationship with oneself, each other and with the visible and invisible world.
Looking forward to the precious meeting and working opportunity in the beautiful surroundings of the Kansai Seminar House in November 2024.
WBC24 Japan preparation team
Yuko Hibara, Tomoko Kawashima, Kaoru Nakamura, Fumiko Chikami


More on the theme 

Opening Theme talk Starts at 7PM, Nov. 2nd 2024

Starting with the evening lecture, we will develop the theme each morning in groups.


Program Overview

Kansai Seminar House, Kyoto Japan


Kansai Seminar House is founded and run by Nippon Christian Academy, which was inspired by the Dialoghe Movement. It has been one of the Japanese Biography work Training venues.

Participants are required to book and pay for their accommodation fees (meals included) through WBC 2024 registration form.

***Rooms at Kansai Seminar House is now fully booked, please register for the hotel option.

***The accommodation at Kansai Seminar house is reserved for conference participants only.


Kansai Seminar House -Shared rooms for conference participants only https://maps.app.goo.gl/1HMUmDggfUquWA449

***Rooms at Kansai Seminar House is now fully booked, please register for the hotel option.

   Check in: 3PM on the 2nd November, All meals included from Supper of 2nd to Lunch on the 6th.

・Twin Room : JPY 66,800/person (Shared between 2 people)

・Large Japanese Room with Futon: JPY58,800/person (Shared between 6-8 people)

Hotel Heian no Mori Kyoto -For those bringing families, please choose this option https://maps.app.goo.gl/zUqW8VQ5s8GR1KAU7

   Check in 2PM, Rooms and Meals Package for 4 nights and 5 days (11/2-11/6), 15 minutes car/taxi (JPY 2000) ride from the conference venue

・Single Room : JPY 79,200, To check in on November 1st, add JPY 14,500/person (breakfast only)

・Twin Room : JPY 66,800/person (to be shared by 2 people), To check in on November 1st, add JPY 11,000/person (breakfast only)

***If you book your own accommodation, please keep in mind the morning traffic, we cannot arrange pick up or taxis. There is limited parking space at the conference venue so please notify us if you are renting a car. We will also bill you for the meals provided during the conference.


Meals-All meals are included in the package

Below meals are included in the package
Nov 02: Dinner
Nov 03-05: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner (For those who choose Hotel Heianno Mori, breakfast is provided at the hotel)
Nov 06: Breakfast/Lunch (For those who choose Hotel Heianno Mori, breakfast is provided at the hotel)


Nearest International Airport: Kansai International Airport (KIX), Osaka

Transport to the venue

Kansai Airport (KIX) in Osaka will be the closest international airport. If you are considering to travel to Tokyo before or after the conference, we suggest you buy a multi-city (or open jaw) air ticket, flying in to Kansai and out of Tokyo or vice versa. It will be cheaper than adding domestic travel in most cases.

Access from UK/France/Germany/Finland may have direct flights depending on airline. Transits in Beijing, Hongkong, Incheon, or Bangkok are alternative for non direct flights.
There are express trains as well as coaches to Kyoto Station from Kansai International airport. If arriving in Tokyo or other cities, the Shinkansen (Super express train) will take you directly to Kyoto station from Tokyo/Nagoya/Fukuoka stations, Journey between 2-3 hours depending on where you start.


From Kansai International Airport

1. Express train Haruka & taxi : takes approx. 2 hours and 40 minutes (JPY 4500+ /person), info HERE

2. Kansai Airport Limousine bus to Kyoto Station: takes approx. 1 hour and 40 minutes (JPY 2600/person), time table and info HERE

3. Taxi: about 1 hour 40 minutes by taxi (JPY 44,000 per cab, 3-4 person), taxis can be arranged by our team if you give us 1-month advance notice.

From Kyoto station

It takes about 30 minutes by taxi (JPY 4,000), taxis can be arranged by our team if you give us 1-month advance notice.


Convenient tools to plan your trip

Google maps will work well in most cases, you can see routes and fares and several options for your chosen route. We also recommend Japan train toute planner: https://world.jorudan.co.jp/mln/en/?sub_lang=ja 

Any questions - contact us?